Chico Katsube (Japan)


She is a dance improviser, choreographer and a teacher from Osaka, Japan. She received her B.Ed. and M.A. degrees at the Dance Education Division of Ochanomizu University in Tokyo, where she studied Modern Dance and Choreography. In 2000, she founded, a Contact Improvisation Company, with Makiko Ito. Since then she has been a leading figure in teaching, organizing and performing Contact Improvisation throughout Japan. She taught intensive workshops in Contact Festival in Israel since 2005. In 2006, she performed with the Magpie Music and Dance in Amsterdam. She was invited in Contact Festival Kuala Lumpur, i- dance Taipei with Shoko Kashima. She has been a seed member of AIAE in South Korea from 2008. She founded the CIFJ (Contact Improvisation Festival Japan) and continues to organize and create the international CI festival to exchange culture, people, essence of CI in Tokyo and some regions in Japan. In 2010, Chico and Shoko participated in ECITE in Finland and AIAE (Asian Improvisation Art Exchange) in Korea. She was a faculty of some universities in Tokyo for more than 10 years such as, Ochanomizu University, Keio University, Rikkyo University, Nihon Women’s college of physical Education where she teaches dance or CI regularly. In 2012, she moved her base of the dance activity ( from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Shoko Kashima. They started the activity with the focus on exploring and integrating Asian culture into improvisation, as well as to establish the art community in the countryside in Kagoshima prefecture. In 2013, she organizes the first “i-Dance Japan”, Contact Improvisation Festival in Isa-city.

Jun Akiyama (Japan/US)


Jun Akiyama is an improvisational artist who currently lives in Boulder, Colorado (USA). His contact improvisation teachers include Alicia Grayson, Gretchen Spiro, and Steve Homsher as well as Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Ray Chung, Scott Wells, and Mirva Mäkinen. His research into CI includes participation at ECITE in Spain, the Freiburg CI Festival in Germany, the Skiing on Skin CI Festival in Finland, the West Coast CI Jam in California, the i-Dance CI Festival in Japan, and the Moab Jam & Workshop in Utah. He has been actively studying aikido for 20 years, and his other interests include photography, the Feldenkrais Method, and Playback improvisational theatre. More info at 

Ru-Hong Lin(Taiwan)


She received her MA in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, USA. Lin is currently a free-lance artist for performing art. In 2013 She participated in ‘i-Dance Japan 2013 Contact Improvisation International Dance Festival’ in Japan, and performed in <between> for ‘i-Lab 2013’ in Taiwan. In 2012 and 2010 Lin participated in ‘Asian Improvisation Art Exchange’ in South Korea. In 2011 She performed in <How Can a small Field......> for ‘i’Trôtra – 8ème Festival International de Danse Contemporaine’ in Madagascar, and in <R+K> in ‘Open-air Banquet’ event of ‘i·Dance Taipei 2011’ in Taiwan.

Kim BongHo 김봉호 (Korea)

Dance, Organizer

He is the Member of AIAE Korea and co-directs of ET AUSSI Dance Company 2007-2013. He is active both locally and internationally, teaching dance contact improvisation in dance centers and festivals in Europe (France, Switzerland), in South America (Chile and Argentina, Fronteras projects) and in Asia (workshops in Seoul, i-Dance Japan, i-Dance Taiwan, i-Dance Hong Kong, Mydance Alliance Malaysia...) He is particularly interested in supporting and expanding improvisation networks in Asia. He is the co-organizer of i-Dance Korea Asia Improvisation Art Exchange since 2008, a biennale held in South Korea. He first entered into theater in 1993 then 1996 switched the direction to dance and worked in various Korean dance companies and improved greatly. His major creations as choreographer are such as “Shaking”, “Socrates falls in love”, “Dust”, “Memory”, “Transition”, “Fragment” 

Zdenka Brungot Svitekova(Slovakia/Norway)


mover, dancer, performer, collaborative artist and writerHolder of MA in modern dance from the Academy of Drama and Music (VSMU) in Bratislava she has been working internationally as dancer, collaborator and choreography assistant. She also collaborates with improvisational collectives and artists, creates her own work and is one of the initiators of the festival ImproEvents Prague.

Park JinYoung 박진영 (Korea)

Guest Dancer

She started to work in Trust Dance Company. She made an improvisation dance performance with Et Aussi Dance Company in Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival 2013. She has performed in Mulle arts festival 2013 and Seoul fringe festival 2013.

She also participated in collaboration work with Australian physical theater company. She is interested in various kinds of work.

Jo YoungMin 조영민 (Korea)

Guest Musician

2014.7 Collaborative work with On&Off Dance Company(Korea)/Ku and Dancers(Taiwan)

2014.3 Musical Performance "Howling", Dance - Kim KyungMi

2013.11 Korea-Taiwan International Exchange Performance, "Oh, baby!"

2013.9 Gwangjin International Summber Festival, "Scent of Sea", Dancer-Celine Bacque

Sim WoonJung 심운정 (Korea)

Guest Musician

Woonjung Sim is a percussionist who has been recognized for her excellent musical talent and accomplishments nationwide. She works  not only in Korean traditional music but also in the circumstances of working in theater music, contemporary music, or improvisation. In 2010-2011 She was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to pursue her Master's degree at Seoul National University.

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Celine Bacque 셀린바케 (France/Korea)

Dance, Organizer

Celine dances since she is 4 years old. Graduated from the Paris National Superior Conservatory of Dance in contemporary dance and  she did her PHD in New York about somatic and release technics. Since 2001, she is based in Asia teaching and developing art projects internationally (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia ...) and co-organizes the i-Dance Korea Asia Improvisation Art Exchange with Kim Bong Ho and she is a member of AIAE as the artistic director. Actually in art residency in Udo for her research project " Dance of water"

Kim SungWan 김성완 (Korea)


He is saxophonist/composer/ former music director of ON&OFF Dance Company, is devoted to the exploration of the intersection between experimental music and performing/visual art.  His composition "The hymn of A republic" for the same titled video of media artist Jeong Yoon Ahn was premiered at the International Film Festivals in Rotterdam, NewYork, Paris and Seoul. As a saxophonist, he studied jazz primarily with Don Braden, Yuri Honing and Michael Moore at Prins Claus Conservatory in the Netherlands and has performed both acoustic and electronic music throughout Europe and Asia with many improvisers and renowned jazz musicians in a variety of settings. 


Kimiyo Ogawa(Japan)


One of the world’s few women bandoneon players. Kimiyo Ogawa taught herself to play and went to Buenos Aires in 2001 to further her studies. She represented Japan at the 2003 Festival de Cosquin (Argentina’s largest music festival) and in 2005 performed at four other official concerts including one at the Museum of La Casa Rosada, the offices of the President of Argentina. Her 2010 tour of Bolivia, Patagonia, and Buenos Aires was also well received. In 2011, Ogawa invited Argentine pianist Jose Hernan Cibils, who is based in Germany, to tour with her in Japan. They traveled the length of the country from Sapporo to Okinawa in 20 days, performing at a charity concert in the earthquake-stricken northeast. Ogawa started collaborating with South Korean artists in 2007, working with musicians in various genres in recordings, live performances and arts festivals. Also dedicated to teaching, she runs Jabaratai, a bandoneon orchestra.

Mingchu “Xiaochu” Yu(Taiwan)


Mingchu “Xiaochu” Yu is a dancer, performer, and improvisation teacher in Taiwan. Yu enjoys having a close relationship with dance and theatre. Since 2008 she has been involved in several interdisciplinary projects : 《 Room》 &《 Bathroom》 with Flying Puppet Group; 《 Dream Digger》 with 1/2 Q Theatre;and she was invited to ‘i’Trôtra – 8ème Festival International de Danse Contemporaine in Madagascar in 2011, to i-Dance Asia Improvisation Art Exchange in Seoul in 2012, and in 2013, to KL improvisation festival.

Choi A-Reum 최아름 (Korea)


She completed a master degree of choreography at The Korean National University of Arts and Graduated from Ehwa Womens University specialized in Dance Performance Experience. In 2012, she was invited to perform at Avignon Fringe Festival for “Gesture Playground” and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival “Breathe”. She played at the National Theater of Korea, “LadyMacbeth”. In 2011, she danced “A dancing Afternoon” at the Open space project in Ansan arts Center as well as "What to throw in the Blue Sea? /Densely” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

Lee HanJoo 이한주 (Korea)

Guest Musician

Experimental improvisation artist

Monthly event 'Bulgasari' Co-organizer

Yogiga Expression Gallery Operator

Choi MyoungHyun 최명현 (Korea)

Guest Dancer

He was born in Namwon-si, Jeonbuk has been presenting works looking for direction of life through studying on man’s mind and body. Selected as prize-winning work with ‘Time is Weight’ at The 6th Seoul Performing Arts Festival hosted by Korea Performing Arts Center. Awarded the Best Choreographer with ‘Going to Sea. The Second Story: Hurt’ at Young Choreographers’ Creative Performance 2012 by Dance Association of Korea Completed the course of Next Generation Choreographers' Class by ARKOARKO 2012

Omar Benassila Sbitar(Morocco)

Guest Musician

Omar Benassila (Sbitar), born in Casablanca, Morocco. Raised listening to the multicultural moroccan music. Inspired by the deep roots of african music and the spirituality of sufi music. Started shaping his musical skills through improvisation with multiple talented musicians since young age. When he was 20, he left Morocco in thirst for wider range of musical ethnicities, learned how to play different kinds of instruments in south Asia and India. After settling in Seoul south Korea he became a member of Surisuri Mahasuri band, played sessions with different major bands ranging from classical and jazz to rock music, also worked in multiple improvisation art projects where he could express his interpretation of Music. Omar is a multi-instrument player, his range goes from acoustics to electronics. With a concept of "no boundaries in Art" in his mind and a tendency for improvisation.

Ombre 옴브레 (Korea)

Guest Musician

Band Coreyah Leader, Composer, Music Director

[Album] Songs we have sung(2014), Whale Of A Time(2013)

[Single] Walk into the Sea(2011)

[Theater] Stolen Book(2014), I am the cat(2014), Orestes(2013), Finding Father(2013)

[Dance ] At the door

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Mei Kwang Li(Taiwan)


She is an independent dance artist and is a graduate of London Contemporary Dance School. She is an active practitioner, a performer of improvisation, and a member of Ku & Dancers since 1999. As a dance educator in Taiwan, she has organized workshops for Taiwan’s various communities and populations, from the physically challenged to opera singers to musicians. She has worked with the National Theater and Concert Hall’s in Taiwan giving public lectures. She currently teaches at National Taiwan University of Arts and at Dance Forum Taipei Dance Company, and is the Creative Director at “Perennial Tree Programmes.” 

Ahn JeongYoon 안정윤 (Korea)

Video Art

Jeong Yoon Ahn is a video artist and has taken our daily small happenings and actions for her subject and worked on the re-interpretation of those routine familiar images in the political-social contexts by making them unfamiliar with unusual speed or angle or extremely enlarged size. She studied Media Art at Academie Minerva, Hanze University Groningen in Holland. Her video ‘The Hymn of a Republic (2009)’ was nominated for the shortlist selection for Rene Coelho Award that is awarded to the best media art graduate in Netherlands. It was also invited officially to 2009 Media Art Festival for Young Talent and to the Spectrum-short of the 39th Rotterdam Film Festival. She also received Rising Artist Award at the 10th Seoul International New Media Festival and grand prize at the 2010 International Bunker Film Festival in Italy. She is currently collaborating with celllist Ji Park.

Shoko Kashima (Japan)


She is a dancer, improviser, photographer and teacher from Tokyo. She received her Master of Arts in Dance Education from Ochanomizu University in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo and founded the dance company ZINZOLIN in 1996. In 2000 she created the partnership “Duo unit” with Ryoko Sugimoto, while also being awarded a one year scholarship from the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists to study dance in New York. She danced for Chico Katsube, collaborated with Michael Schumacher, Katie Duck, Dance Theater Ludens, Ray Chung, Natanja den Boeft and other many artists. After returning to Japan, Shoko began working with Chico Katsube as a member - and now co-director - of Contact Improvisation Group In 2006, she founded the CIFJ (Contact Improvisation Festival Japan) with Chico and continues to organize and create the international CI festival to exchange culture, people, essence of CI in Tokyo and some regions in Japan. She is a seed member of Asian Improvisation Art Exchange (Seoul, Korea), creating networks and researching improvisation among artists in Asia. She is fabulously known as a photographer. In 2012, she moved from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Chico Katsube, and started activities of cultivate arts community in sparsely populated area. She is organizing “i-Dance Japan” which is Contact Improvisation Festival in Kagoshima in 2013.

Kong Vollak(Cambodia)

Visual Art

He is an artist and an art teacher at high schools based in Cambodia. He was graduated bachelor degree From the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh from 2002 to 2006. In 2007, he was one of the four curators of the Mekong and Art project. From 2008 to 2013, he joined residencies in Sri Lanka, Andorra, Phnom Penh as well as in New York City. He taught several workshops with foreign artists from France, Poland and Japan. He is studying photography at le popil gallery and had solo and group exhibitions in Phnom Penh and abroad. In 2013, he won the bronze Medal from the Francophonie game with his sculpture. 

Seo Kyong-sun 서경선 (Korea)


She is the co-representatives of Movement Neuru collective dance group in Seoul. In 2005, she graduated a master course of choreography at The Korean National University of Arts in Seoul and was already graduated from the Sung Kyun Kwan University specialized in Dance since 1996. In 2012, she performed in "Gesture Playground" at the Avignon festival and in 2011,“A dancing Afternoon” at the Open space project in Ansan arts Center. She was part of the the First Group Artists-in-residency at the Seoul Art Space Seongbuk supported by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. She was granted in 2008 as in the young choreographers program of The Korea Cultural Art Council and was commissioned by the new start program of the Korea Cultural Art Council in 2006.

Park SuJin 박수진 (Korea)

Guest Dancer

I, Soo Jin Park, am active in "Momjitneuru" and movement theater "Dumbeong", and more interested in the function of dance to faithfully live out my life beyond the boundaries of art and non-art.

Cha SeungMin 차승민 (Korea)

Guest Musician

Cha Seungmin is a Daegeum performer, composer, online cartoonist, illustrator, and travel writer. She was trained in traditional music and its discourse in the School of Music at Seoul National University. She made her debut at the Chunchamanbyul concert in 2009 through Project Shiro, which seeks to “make music out of poetry” in order to merge music and literature. She then received the World Music Award from the 2009 Korean Music Project Competition, held under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Gugak FM Broadcasting System, the biggest competition in Korea for composition of contemporary-traditional Korean music. She is approaching the public with songs and comfortable instrumental arrangements of traditional music so that traditional music may be accepted, free from the prejudice that it is difficult and boring. She returned and released a project album ‘JANYA’ (Evolver Music, NYC) from her musical activities in New York, having been selected as a New York artist of the overseas traditional arts residency in 2010 and 2011. She then released her first album ‘What flower wants to say’ (LIZ MUSIC, Korea) with support from the Korean Cultural Arts Committee in 2011-2012 program, “Supporting Artists for the Nurturing of Next – Generation Arts HR.”

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