Chico Katsube (Japan)


Chico Katsube is a dance improviser and a teacher from Japan.  In 2000, she founded Contact Improvisation Group in Tokyo. She moved her base from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Shoko Kashima in 2012. They are exploring and integrating Asian culture into improvisation, as well as organizing i-Dance Japan, International Contact Improvisation Festival from 2013.

Shoko Kashima(Japan)


Shoko Kashima is a dance artist, photographer. She awarded a scholarship from the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists to study dance in New York. In 2005, Shoko began working with Chico Katsube as a member - and co-director - of Contact Improvisation Group In 2012, she moved from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Chico, and organizing i-Dance Japan from 2013.

馬才和 Victor Choi-wo MA(HongKong)


Victor Choi-wo MA founded Y-Space in 1995 and is the artistic director. He was in the first graduating class of the School of Dance of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Upon graduation, he joined The Hong Kong Ballet, and resumed study at the HKAPA School of Drama in 1990. In 1996, he received the Asian Cultural Council Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship to conduct research on dance and theatre in the USA. In 2002, he further received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council-University of Leeds-Chevening Scholarships for a Master’s degree programme in Performance Studies in the UK. As a choreographer with over 60 creations, he has also been a movement director for many local and international companies from Taiwan, China, South Korea, India, the USA, Australia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Zimbabwe, etc. His major works include None of Your Business, Not a Double Room, Unconscious I & II, Dance “In” Possible!? I - V, Improvisation Land Series 1 - 62, Air and Breath I & II, Body, I.D. & Space I - V, Victor Ma's Dance Exhibition I & II, RE/evolution, Suddenly, On and On and Turn Turn Turn…, Room X, Door etc. He has received the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 on Artist of the Year (Dance). He has been the Artistic Director and Curator of i-Dance Festival (HK) since 2009.

Mandy Ming-yin YIM(HongKong)


Co- founder of Y-Space, Mandy Yim graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Dance. She was the Hong Kong Ballet and City Contemporary Dance Company dancer from 1988 – 1996. She was a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship in 1996 to do her dance research in the USA. In 2000, she is invited to create a site-specific work"Chop-Suey” for the Harare International Festival of the Arts, September in same year, was invited to attend the Norway Oktoberdans Festival & End of Millenium Festival and participate in performing arts festival of artists -in-residence program, has also been invited to Germany Delesideng Tanzwoche Festival Wishful Thinking Project, Korea Fringe Festival , India Kolkata Interface Festival, Australia Melbourne Beyond Butoh Fringe Festival, Beijing Dashanzi International Art Festival , Shenzhen OCAT Comtemporary Dance Festival & Hunan Changde , Poland International Comtemporary Dance Conference & Performance Festival, i-Dance Taipei, i-Dance Korea, i-Dance Japan creation, Hunan and Beijing of China for performances and exchanges , Yim’s teaching, performances and creation toured Europe and Asia and Africa of different country since 2009. Yim is currently the Education and Outreach Director of Y-Space.

Celine Bacque 셀린바케 (France/Korea) 1979~2016 For Memory of Organizer and Atist


Celine dances since she is 4 years old. Graduated from the Paris National Superior Conservatory of Dance in contemporary dance and  she did her PHD in New York about somatic and release technics. Since 2001, she is based in Asia teaching and developing art projects internationally (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia ...) and co-organizes the i-Dance Korea Asia Improvisation Art Exchange with Kim Bong Ho and she is a member of AIAE as the artistic director. Actually in art residency in Udo for her research project " Dance of water"

Bongho Kim (Korea)

Dance, Organizer

He is the Member of AIAE Korea and Member of ET AUSSI Dance Company (2007-2013) with Celine Bacque. He is active both locally and internationally, teaching dance contact improvisation in dance centers and festivals in Asia and Europe. He is particularly interested in supporting and expanding improvisation networks in Asia. He first entered into theater in 1993 then 1996 switched the direction to dance and worked in various Korean dance companies and improved greatly.

AIAE 멤버이며 Et Aussi 무용단(2007-2013)을 셀린바케와 공동으로 운영하였다.

그는 세계 모든 곳에서 활동하는 즉흥무용가이자 안무가이며 즉흥무용교육을 하고 있다. 현재 그는 춤이라는 형태의 틀을 벗어나 인문학적 시각으로 움직임에 대한 연구와 표현에 대해 즉흥무용을 찾아가고  있다.

Haejin Kang(Korea)



바이올리니스트 Violinist

무용'버려야할 것들' 음악감독

Album_ Alive, Haejin & Wouter, Supersting

One Month festival, 부토 페스티벌, 스트라스브르크 공연등 다수의 공연에 참여 기획

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Ming-Shen Ku (Taiwan)


The pioneer of Contact Improvisation in Taiwan since 1992, Ku found her company “Ku and Dancers” from the year after.  Ku also is in charge i-dance Taipei as part of i-dance network. Currently she teaches as a full professor in Taipei National University of the Arts.

Miura Ichi-go (Japan)


He is an ethnic percussionist (Brazilian, Indian, Irish, Arabic) and multi instrument player in his original style since 2001. Composing music and teaching percussions are his life works as well as playing in the performance.

Seo Kyong-sun 서경선 (Korea)


She has experimented various projects through the body such as exploration of the body, art as a way of living valuable life, etc. as a co-founder of Movement Neuru.

Currently, she is a member of Movement Neuru, Momchoom, and Asia Improvisation Art Exchange(AIAE).

몸짓느루 공동대표로 활동하면서 몸에 대한 탐구, 가치 있는 삶으로서의 예술 등 몸을 매개로 한 다양한 작업들을 시도하였다.  현재는 몸짓느루, 몸춤, AIAE 멤버로서 활동하고 있다.

Choi A-Reum 최아름 (Korea)


몸짓느루 공동대표

몸춤 운영위원


관계 속에서 흥미롭게 발생되는 창작을 즐기기에 타장르와의 협업 또는 다양한 형태로 실현될 수 있는 춤을 시도하고 있다. 현재는 한국춤을 기반으로한 현대춤을 연구중이다. 



Movement Neuru Committee Memeber,

Momchoom Member,

Asia Improvisation Art Exchange A-Reum is fascinated by art creation that arises from interpersonal relationships. Therefore she had been collaborating with artist from different disciplines and dance form expressions. She's currently concentrating on research on modern dance based on Korean traditional dance. 

HanJoo Lee 이한주 (Korea)



Hong-Ik University Art Collage Visual Communication Design

Short Introduction

Hanjoo Lee was majoring in visual communication design and worked as a designer.

While like music occurred more interested in sound design.

Since 2003, together with SATO Yukie musicians are organizing an experimental improvisational music recital 'BULGASARI'.

Since 2004, it operates a 'YOGIGA Experimental Store' was now operates a 'YOGIGA Expression Gallery'.

Guitar in a band is playing 'SUPER STRING'.

Individual activity has a solo, collaboration performance by leveraging Guitar, Voice, Perccussion, Electric Effect. Theme is 'Communication by 5 senses with 6th sense'


In the current 'Paju Typography Institute' 'Play Music' Class teacher.

YOGIGA Expression Gallery owner

SungWan Kim 김성완 (Korea)


Sung Wan Kim (1972), saxophonist/improviser/composer, is devoted to the exploration of the intersection between experimental music and performing/visual arts. His composition "The hymn of A republic" for the same titled video of artist Jeong Yoon Ahn was premiered at the International Film Festivals in Rotterdam, NewYork, Paris and Seoul. As a saxophonist, he studied jazz primarily with Don Braden, Yuri Honing and Michael Moore at Prins Claus Conservatoire in the Netherlands and has performed both acoustic and electronic music throughout the US, Europe and Asia with many free improvisers and renowned jazz musicians in a variety of settings.


색소포니스트/작곡가/ 음악그룹 SE:UM 멤버. 네덜란드 프린스클라우스 콘서바토리 졸업. 재즈와 즉흥연주를 바탕으로 월드뮤직, 시각예술, 무용과의 협업 등 장르를 횡단하는 음악 작업. 자라섬재즈페스티벌, 영국 에든버러프린지페스티벌 외 다수의 국내 해외 공연에 참여.

Choi MyoungHyun 최명현 (Korea)


Choi Myung Hyun is a Choreograher who contemplate on physical and psychological aspects. He searches for the meaningful way and suggests the appropriate way of life. He established "MYUNG"(Dance Company) in 2010. He also works as the stage designer for his creative works and he has accumulated his all related experiences such as stage lighting, stage art in the field. He has been interested in the construction of the

co-relationship between sound and movement. He has been studying the movement which the performer can show sensuous description, emerging from the patterned method.

인간의 신체와 정신에 관한 탐구를 통해 의미있는 방향성을 찾고, 작품으로서 올바른 삶을 제시하고자 하는 안무가이다. 2010년 한양대학교를 졸업 후 댄스컴퍼니 명을 창단했다. 무대디자인 작업도 병행하는 그는 안무작업을 위해 조명과 무대미술 등 무대 메커니즘을 현장에서 습득했다. 소리와 움직임의 관계성을 구축하는 일 또한 그의 오랜 관심사다. 기존의 정형화된 메소드를 탈피하고, 무용수가 감각적으로 느끼고 표현할 수 있는 움직임을 연구 중이다.

OHMBRE 옴브레 (Korea)


Band Coreyah Leader, Composer, Music Director [Album] Songs we have sung(2014), Whale Of A Time(2013) [Single] Walk into the Sea(2011) [Theater] Stolen Book(2014), I am the cat(2014), Orestes(2013), Finding Father(2013) [Dance ] At the door

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Jinsoo Kim (Korea)_Solmoomn

Dance, Organizer

솔문 김진수

 현_아시아 춤극 연구소 대표

 대표작 : 대화, 저곳, 버려지지 않은 것들

Garam Kim (Korea)


I want to keep my core values and philosophy in perspective with these values in mind, I wants to communicate and express myself through movement and dance.

I have been working as a choreographer and dancer since graduating Hansung university in 2011.

늘 수 많은 아이디어들 속에 잊혀져 가는 본질에 대한 중요성을 생각하려 한다.

해서, 몸과 마음의 모든 초점이 기본에서 시작하고, 기본으로 돌아가려는 것에 대한 이 자연스러움에 방향성을 갖으려 한다.

그리고 이를 토대로 움직임과 작품으로써 삶을 바라보며 듣고, 이야기하고자 한다.

2011년 한성대학교를 졸업 후 무용수 겸 안무가로써 꾸준히 작업해 오고 있다.

Sunyoung Seo (Korea)


Chumseoi of Choreographer

Project 420 - ‘Your a second, 21 minutes’ , ‘ Record of 7 minutes’

SIGN , Violin+Contemporary Dance , The Fame..etc

∙춤 서 이 공동대표

∙프로젝트 420- ‘당신의 1초와 21분’ , ‘7분의 기록’

∙SIGN,바이올리니스트+현대무용,The Fame ..등

∙네덜란드 연수 , 중국샤먼시립무용단 연수 및 안무

Mikwang Lee (Korea)


Chumseoi of Choreographer

Project 420 - ‘Your a second, 21 minutes’ , ‘ Record of 7 minutes’

Musical ‘Dogsdogs 2015’ , ‘ BANDAL’

‘Walk with the way’

‘Traditional housing project – Our House’

춤. 서. 이. 공동대표

프로젝트 420 ‘당신의 1초와 21분’ , ‘7분의 기록’

뮤지컬 ‘독스독스2015’ , ‘반달’

‘동행 - 그 길을 함께 걷다.’

한옥 프로젝트 ‘ 우리 집’

Kanghee Choi (Korea)


Born in Seoul, Korea. Kanghee Choi is a composer and improviser. In 2010, his first contemporary classical music piece, <The Moon, The Lake, and the Butterfly> was premiered in New York along with the new pieces of world renowned composers such as Terry Champlin, Allen Brings, David Loeb and Ornette Coleman. Since then, he has been experimenting new sounds and performing worldwide.


서울 출생의 작곡가이자 즉흥연주가로 사운드 아트를 중심으로 다양한 미디어들을 사용해 작업하고 있다. 2010년, 뉴욕에서 Terry Champlin, Allen Brings, David Loeb, Ornette Coleman 등 세계적으로 손 꼽히는 현대음악 작곡가들과 함께 그의 첫 현대 음악 작품인 <The Moon, The Lake, and the Butterfly>를 발표하며 작곡가로 데뷔했고, 이후 새로운 사운드들을 실험해오며 활발한 활동을 이어오고 있다.

Parkkim Hyungjoon (Korea)


idk_AIAE Photographer (2008~2016) 

박김형준(사진가) : 새로운 것을 위해 이전의 것이 어떻게 바뀌고 사라져가는지에 대해 관심을 가지다 보니, 10여년 동안 ‘개발’이라는 주제를 가지고 다큐멘터리 작업을 진행하였다. 대학원 석사과정을 졸업하고, 박사과정에 재학하면서, 사진교육에 관심이 많아져, 아이들부터 노인까지 사진기를 통해 세상 보는 일에 호기심을 보이는 이들과 꾸준히 공동 작업을 하고 있다. 최근 몇 년 동안은 스마트폰으로 주변을 기록하는 데에 흥미를 느껴 몇 번의 스마트폰 사진전도 열었다. .

Jackie Jang (Korea)


소개: 장재키. 신경심리학자. 특수장애아 전문 드라마께라피스트.

은성의료재단 신경과학예술원장.

Gentle Birth Network 아시아 대표

Jackie's Mediecology Institute 대표.

일본 후쿠오카시 NGO 아동예술정책 고문.

Soyoung Lee (Korea)

Workshop _A2

Keeper of 'Momchoom', a space where body('mom'), dance('choom') and life circulate.

Dancer who explores body and dances life.


몸,춤,삶이 순환되는 공간 ‘몸춤’ 공간지기.

몸을 탐구하고 삶을 추는 춤꾼.

12번째 갈비뼈.


Kim Changwon (Korea)

Documentary Atist

현상을 관찰하고 기록하는 다큐멘터리 작업을 통해 영화와 이야기의 근원을 연구하고 있다

현재 국가무형문화재 모니터링 영상을 제작하고 있다




Field of work: Assistant Director

Feature film

Director: Choi Jeongmin 95min. / 2016 / Korea

"제주 : 년의춤/JEJU Dance of woman"

Field of work: Cinematographer

Feature Film

Director: Sa Eugene 102min. / 2014 / Korea

"백년의 가족/One Hundred Years:The Journey of the Family"

Field of work: Assistant Editor Feature film

Director: Kim Dukchul 122min. / 2015 / Korea 

"울보 권투부/A Crybaby Boxing Club"

Field of work: Assistant Producer Feature film

Director: Lee Ilha 86min. / 2014 / Korea

"집으로 가는길/Way Back Home"

Field of work: Director Projection Mapping

Director: Kim Changwon 5min. / 2014 / Korea

"Eco Image / Eco Image"

Field of work: Director Projection Mapping

Director: Kim Changwon 3:49 / 2015 / Korea

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