Jeon, YongJun

YongJun is  the current chief organizer of AIAE. He's been with AIAE from 2010. He's been actively involved with several festival as organizer/planner for many years. 

After he started with his career as organizer of Korea Experimental Art Festival at 2010, he enjoyed every moments with the artists all over the world. Since then, he focused on making playgrounds for artists and supporting them. 
He's been working with Asian Improvisation Art Exchange, Mulle International Arts Festival, Korea Burn and more smaller theatre works with dancers. He's working with Korea Fire Festival and AIAE now.

Choi, A-Reum

She completed a master degree of choreography at The Korean National University of Arts and Graduated from Ehwa Womens University specialized in Dance Performance Experience. In 2012, she was invited to perform at Avignon Fringe Festival for “Gesture Playground” and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival “Breathe”. 

She played at the National Theater of Korea, “LadyMacbeth”. In 2011, she danced “A dancing Afternoon” at the Open space project in Ansan arts Center as well as "What to throw in the Blue Sea? /Densely” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Kim, Garam


Garam Kim is a dancer and choreographer. She's involving in improvisation art scene in Korea as a member of AIAE.
She consistently perceives the existence of ‘I’ given to the world and in the experience of the life constantly changing ‘I’, and looks at her action. She also researches the center of the body which is expands and deepens by the circulation of breath


Kim, Bongho


Kim, Jinsoo


Jinsoo "Solmoon" Kim is a traditional masked dancer. His works are not just a form of old things, but results of accepting different styles. He's currently running Asian Dance Theatre to research movement arts. 

Works : Conversation, Non-disposed Things

Park, Soo Jin


She acts in "Momjitneuru" and movement theater "Dumbong".

She is interested in the function of dance to live faithfully her life beyond the borderline of art and non-art.

Kyongsun Seo

She has experimented various projects through the body such as exploration of the body, art as a way of living valuable life. She participated in Residency of Seongbuk Art Center, Seoul Dance Center, and Kyoto Art Center.

Currently, She is doing a series of 'house series' which is a relay-type performance with his/her own house as a stage and 'Tut network' which is a group explores through the body once a month.

Celine Bacque

He is choreographer , improviser CI Dancer
The co-directs of ET AUSSI Dance Company with Celine Bacque 2007-2013, Member of AIAE 2013-2019.8
He is active both locally and internationally, teaching dance contact improvisation in dance festivals in Europe ( France , Switzerland, Czech),in Afrca(Madagascar) in South America (Chile and Argentina, Fronteras projects) and in Asia (workshops in Seoul, i-Dance Japan, i-Dance Taiwan, i-Dance Hong Kong, Mydance Alliance Malaysia... ) He is particularly interested in supporting and expanding improvisation networks in Asia. Bongho Kim with Celine Bacque the co-organizer of the i-Dance Korea Asia Improvisation Art Exchange since 2008~2014, a biennale held in South Korea. 
His major creations as choreographer are such as “Shaking”, “Socrates falls in love”, “Dust”, “Memory”, “Transition”, “Fragment”

We're always with her memories. R.I.P. (1979-2016) 

Graduated from the National Superior Conservatory of Paris as contemporary dancer and from the National Center of Dance as a teacher, she started to create and develop her own human and artistic researches since 2000. She performs solos connected to ancient shamanic dances (Han, Nabirynthe, Essential Elements, Feeding Mind, and Flower of Infinity) as well as shares pluri-disciplinary collaboration projects, international art exchanges and performances.She was dancing for Sebastian Prantlz, Milli Bitterli, Christophe Winkler, Alfred Alerte, Luc Petton, the Wax Factory, Rui Horta, Ahn Eun Me, On and Off, Kim Ara…Celine gives dance contact and improvisation workshops and performs internationally (France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Portugal, England, Portugal, D.R of Congo, Poland, Slovenia, New York, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Madagascar, Cambodgia; in public spaces, private institutions, universities, theaters, galleries, gardens...)

She co-directs ET AUSSI dance company (France/South Korea) and co-organizes the Asian Improvisation Art Exchange with Bong-Ho Kim.

“She cannot dissociate art from life, love, traveling, something always in movement. Always redefining boundaries, measures, knowledge, she understands the body and the mind as an open white universal book.”